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Cycling Themed Halloween Ideas

Halloween is a take it or leave it kind of holiday, especially here in the UK where it’s just an excuse for small children to ride a huge sugar high and for adults to drink lots of booze.

Dressing up is a fundamental part of this process and if you’re stuck for ideas, why not try our cycling related costume ideas for Halloween to make the most of the kit you have lying around:

1. Cyclist Roadkill

Potentially bad taste but, depending on the kind of people you hang around with, could be hilarious. 
All you’ll need is an old helmet which you can take a hammer too to make it look battered and broken, an old jersey which you can draw tyre tracks on and some fake blood.

Bonus points for carrying broken components around with you for emphasis.

2. Lance Armstrong

Always a winner, this costume should be pretty self-explanatory but can be open to interpretation. 

Take a yellow jersey (if you haven’t got one to hand a flouro one should work well, or you can get creative with some yellow paper) and draw on it the USPS cycling logo along with the TdF usual motifs.

Add in some tourniquets on your arms, a little more fake blood put into a freezer bag with a label can be your EPO-laden blood which you could carry on a string around your neck.

Bonus points for going the extra mile and actually injecting EPO*

*don’t do this. Seriously.

3. Wiggo

A little obvious but if done well can be effective. For this one you really need to commit to the sideburns, although plenty of costume shops can provide decent fake ones.

You’ll need some gold medals. If you don’t have any chocolate coins and ribbon works well, but try to avoid using your u13 football club medals because that’s a little sad.

Bonus points for turning up in a full TT aero skinsuit.


One for the purists, this only really works if you’re young and fit enough to pull it off and you’ll need to be with a crowd who understands the stereotype.

All that’s required is some cheap team kit, preferably from a few seasons ago for obscurity, a pillow to create some podge around the midsection and a chip on your shoulder. 

Bonus points for arriving at the party with a ridiculous amount of nutritional products and cans of real ale in your jersey pockets. 

5. A Bike

Yep, you read that right. This one takes some commitment, but if you have the spare components lying around it could be a prize-winner. 

Wheels are the important part. We’d recommend some from a folding bike like 25″ ones for ease of movement. One goes in your hand at all times, the other one will need to be fastened to the inside of a leg. 

The saddle goes on your lower back/bottom whilst the bars – from a kids bike is probably best for mobility – should be attached to your shoulders. The idea being that if you go in a plank-pike position you will sort of look like a bike.

Bonus points for attaching a chain to your belt from the cassette on the rear wheel, adding pedals to your hips and a headtorch on your head as a front light.

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