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Top 5 Turbo Trainers Under £150

When it comes to choosing a turbo trainer it’s easy to get lost in the information: watt resistance, fluid trainer and smart trainer are all terms that can mean several things and make it hard to choose.

Luckily for you, we have put together a list of the top 5 turbo trainers under £150 – what we think is the upper price limit for a basic turbo trainer.

These products are great for easing yourself into turbo training and will allow you to keep riding hard throughout the most miserly months of the year.

1. Tacx T2650 Blue Matic – £99.99

Tacx is a popular brand of trainer with products going right up into the £1000s for the all-singing-all-dancing versions – but the T6250 is bread and butter.

It has a handlebar resistance lever with ten settings and a maximum resistance of 700watts which should be more than enough for even the toughest winter training sessions. 

It’s a folding product which makes it easy to store and set up, just unfold it, attach the rear wheel and you’re off. The magnetic resistance also makes it significantly quieter than some other offerings – ideal for when your other half is trying to watch Netflix next door.

2. CycleOps Mag Trainer – £111.95

CycleOps are another popular brand and this is their basic model – which doesn’t mean to say it has compromised on quality. 

A folding trainer that’s a little more compact than the T6250, the CycleOps has five different levels of resistance to make your training that little bit harder when getting in those winter miles.

This is a great option for mountain bikers too as this model now fits 29ers, making turbo training not just an option for roadies! Just remember to clean the tyres first to avoid covering your training room in mud from trails past.

3. Elite Supercrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle – £112.49

This one comes with a bunch of other stuff too and at this price it’s an absolute steal.

The trainer itself is the new generation of one of our favourites: the original Elite Volare MagForce. Featuring a five resistance option including handlebar mount to change resistance whilst on the bike, the trainer includes Elite’s Elastogel technology which helps dampen noise and reduce rolling resistance: handy for extending tyre life and using with mountain bikes. 

This bundle also comes with sweat net to catch those droplets, a 550ml water bottle and a travel block to find the most comfortable position on the bike.

4. Minoura B60-D Mag Trainer – £136.72

Minoura says that this is the world’s first magnetic resistance trainer, offering a great value for money turbo trainer which will perform just as well as the top brands. 

At this price we’re not going to argue and with a 7 level resistance setting including handlebar shifter; along with over 400watts of resistance, it’s an ideal entry level option to introduce you to turbo training.

This is also a folding trainer which makes it easy to store and set up, perfect for those winter nights when you need to squeeze as much riding time out of your sessions as possible.

5. BKool One Turbo Trainer – £119.99

This futuristic looking turbo trainer still packs a punch despite its contemporary looks. 

BKool says that the One provides the most advanced road simulator, providing realistic sensations that better even the best smart trainers. It has some awesome power behind it too, with resistance that goes up to 825watts.

The real selling point of the One is that there isn’t a way to manually adjust the resistance – it adjusts automatically based on the rider’s speed and cadence, making it a great bargain to try out some top turbo technology.


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