REVIEW: Got To Have It Bicycle Brake Light

An innovative invention for those who like to ride at night, this brake light helps to ensure you stay seen in the dark as well as alerting other road users to your actions.

The light is available from Got To Have It and is really cheap – around ~£13.00 not including postage – making it a low-cost addition to your bike. It works with any cable brake system by using the pressure at the calliper to essentially close the circuit on the light, so it only comes on when the brake lever is pulled.

It easily attaches to the caliper using a screw which keeps is attached to the cable, although on bumpy roads we found this could cause some turn in the light’s position which over a prolonged period could turn the light around so it’s facing the wrong way; however this isn’t something any quick check before a ride can’t fix.

The red LED is just as bright as most cycle lights and doesn’t affect the braking performance of the bike, although we should note that as the light is only on when the brake is pulled it shouldn’t be used as the exclusive rear light on your bike and if you are riding in traffic at night it may be a legal requirement to have a static rear light also.

The real advantage to this is that it helps other road users know when you are slowing down: information that is crucial to them to judge road position and anticipate your movements and will help keep you safe when riding in traffic.

The versatility of the light means that is works with disc brakes or rim brakes, each of which took mere minutes to install and was working immediately. It doesn’t work on hydraulic brakes unfortunately but the relative rarity of these means that shouldn’t be a problem for most.

There are some limitations to it especially if you are commuting and we found that the spring was quick to rust on the bike if we left it constantly attached to the bike in all weather, for best results we would recommend taking it off the bike at your destination if you are not able to store the bike indoors or undercover.

Pros                                                                                                   Cons

Easy to install on disc or rim brakes                                          Some movement on bumpy roads means more readjustments

Useful for showing you’re stopping in traffic                           Doesn’t last long on poor weather conditions

Bright red LED light                                                                      Still require other lights when using


Overall we give the bicycle brake light 7/10


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