REVIEW: Elite Gel Riser Block for Trainers

Elite’s range of turbo trainers are renowned in the world of cycling for their quality – they are even used for pre and post race workouts by World Tour team BMC.

One of our most popular posts is our review of the Elite Magforce Trainer which we gave 8/10, being an excellent mid-range option for home training.

But one thing you may have noticed about using a turbo is that your front wheel is lower than the rear. This is a problem for a few reasons, mainly because it doesn’t provide a comfortable riding position – especially for long workouts.

Elite’s gel riser block solves the problem by levelling off the front wheel with the back. It is designed to be compatible with their trainers to ensure you ride on an even keel throughout your workout.

The riser block features an Elastogel insert which will fit most front wheels comfortably although isn’t suitable for mountain or cyclocross bikes if you are using one of those with the trainer.

Our standard 700 x 28 wheels fit perfectly well though and the block itself created no instability or movement even when giving it full gas on our intervals. We did notice that the front wheel can have some lateral movement, but only on the most intense of efforts and the wheel was at no point in danger of coming out of the insert.

The base of the riser block is made of non-skid rubber which is handy for preventing the block from moving around, a problem which can be encountered when using a wooden block or a pile of books, for example.

The underside of the block has a ingress that allows the arm of the turbo trainer to be screwed into it so it can be easily stored with the trainer and travel without taking up more room than the trainer normally does, although this isn’t held securely and we found the block can fall off of the trainer often unless stored flat.

You can buy the Elite Gel Riser Block online from Amazon by clicking the link below.

+ Elastogel insert holds wheel securely
+ Non-skid rubber base prevents bike from shifting during effort
+ Compact and easy to store

– Elastogel insert isn’t suitable for non-road tyres
– Doesn’t attach securely to trainer
– Some lateral movement as wheel doesn’t fasten to block

Overall we give the Elite Gel Riser Block 8/10.


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