Review – Planet X Pro-Line 365 Bib Short

Planet X have a reputation for making amazing bikes, but their clothing is up to a high standard too.

We reviewed their Pro-Line 365 Bib Shorts, which are worn by Planet X’s Pro-Continental team, Christina Watches.

These bibs are high level shorts that are available at a great price. We paid £39.99 for them but they are currently on offer for £19.99.

These shorts are available in black and red (as pictured) or black and flouro-yellow. The colour doesn’t matter so much as only the seams and stripe on the back will it be visible, but if you want to co-ordinate your cycling kit them they yellow could be useful.

These are the first shorts we have tested that are made with a bonded mesh material instead of elasticated cuffs and bibs. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear, especially around the torso where lesser quality bibs can often be uncomfortable.

The bib itself is wide, giving extra comfort to add to the quality of the material. The bibs are made with super-stretchy fabric to fit all body shapes and provide a close fit. This stretchy fabric combined with the mesh bonded cuffs also means that they can sometimes be difficult to pull on all the way up the leg, the material stretching before pulling up the cuff.

They are cut long with a race cut in the size L that we tested, which was fine for taller riders but smaller riders should perhaps consider a size lower, the stretchy fabric means that you won’t compromise much on comfort and if you like your shorts short, a size lower is probably your best bet.

The bibs come quite high up the torso, which is extremely comfortable and ideal for flattening your stomach out at the cafe after all the cake. This high cut makes the shorts feel very secure, with little need to readjust.

The chamis is made up of multiple layers and is designed to promote comfort whilst in and out of the saddle. It’s 3D layered design has perineal cutouts to promote comfort and allow you to focus on the ride in comfort.

In terms of performance these shorts were excellent, this is the comfiest chamis we have ever sat on and the ultra-stretch fabric provided a close fit to retain heat. They have reflective strips down the rear of the leg to promote visibility, . These strips are relatively thin and could do with being slightly larger, but these bibs are designed as a summer short, which means that visibility may not be a priority unless you are riding very early morning/very late at night.

The bibs are extremely comfortable in and out of the saddle, both on the drops and top of the bars. They are well fitted around the torso with their flat design and bonded mesh material not causing any discomfort.

Although we only wore them on a short (20 mile) ride, these shorts would be ideal for those riding longer distances, especially with the superb quality chamis.

The Planet X Pro-Line 365 Shorts are suitable for summer riding, but the close fitting fabric means they will retain heat and could be worn into Autumn/Spring when the weather is mild with some leg warmers underneath.

+ High quality 3D multi-layered chamis
+ Super stretchy fabric (82% Polyester and 18% elastane)
+ Bonded mesh cuffs and bibs

– Long cuff race cut means size lower may be needed
– Bonded mesh cuffs can make them difficult to put on quickly

Overall we give the Planet X Pro-Line 365 Bib Shorts 8/10


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  1. 13 June, 2016 at 13:52 Reply

    Hi guys

    As a comparison for sizing, what do the sizes equate to in, say, Sportful or Morvelo kit? Is an S in these comparable to an S in those also, for example? Thanks for the review!

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