REVIEW: Planet X Pro365x Long Sleeve Base Layer

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A base layer is an essential item for any cyclist and this one from Planet X is as good as they get at such a low price point.

The base layer is jam-packed with technological features including:

  • Ergofit
  • Siltex Prolen
  • UV-X Protect
  • Prolen Dryfast
The ergofit is a performance fit from Planet X which is a seamless tubular knit that has a 3-way stretch which should promote a comfortable fit. 

When we pulled it on this was clear right away as the base layer wasn’t too tight in any area; however it was a little baggy on the lower arms and we found ourselves having to pull the arms up a little to straighten it out, which compromised the fit a little on them.

The cut is also rather long and those cyclists with a shorter stature may find themselves having to fold it up before tucking it into shorts. We tried the Medium size and the cut easily fit one of the larger folks in the office.

The Siltex Prolen provides antibacterial protection against funghi and bad smells – something that’s super-important given that it’s primary function if to wick moisture away. This works extremely well and, after several uses, it still doesn’t smell bad despite our exertions.

The Dryfast meant that the base layer was quickly dry both on and off the body – in many cases we found that the base layer was almost dry by the foot of a long descent.

The base layer performed well on every ride we wore it on, keeping us warm on colder rides and cool on longer rides. We love the colours although we found that the white did get a little discoloured after a few washes.

At this price though (currently £11.99) this is an excellent purchase that will perform perfectly for the average rider.

Pros Cons
Comfortable fit  Fit can be a little loose on the arms
Effective moisture wicking and fast drying  Some discolouration after a few washes on  certain colours
Effective odour protection  Base layer is cut very long

Overall we give the PlanetX 365x Long Sleeved Base Layer 8/10


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