REVIEW: Tigra Sport Bike Console

The Tigra Sport Bike Console is a handy piece of kit for those who want to mount their phone, but don’t want to risk it getting damaged.

The Bike Console is made from engineering plastics and securely locks the phone in place with a three way mechanism that grips it from the sides and the bottom of the case.

Once in the case the phone is secure from most damage, the housing for the phone being made from sponge-like material which holds the phone. Whilst the phone doesn’t need to be taken out of any other case before fitting into this, we have found that anything other than a basic bumper-case can be difficult to fit into the Bike Console casing. 

The case is compatible with the touchscreen technology and fingerprint recognition of the iPhone 6 along with the wake/sleep function being accessible whilst the phone is in the case.
One issue is that the touchscreen compatible screen can promote glare, especially if it is a sunny day, which can be frustrating when following a map but otherwise isn’t too much of a problem.

The Bike Console also has the pleasing aspect of having the charging port and headphone jack accessible whilst in the case, which we found particularly useful on long rides when you may need to use a power cell to boost the battery or if you like listening to music whilst riding (not recommended).

The case itself is also fully submersible, keeping the phone dry and secure inside providing the openings for the charger/headphone jack are closed properly.

One potential issue with the case is that it is rather large at 14cm tall and 7.6cm wide. This adds to the security of the phone but if you don’t like your bars to be cluttered or if you are weight conscious this might not be the case for you, although the weight is a matter of grams – 227g to be precise.

The mount is extremely secure with an allen key and ratchet system to fix it to the handlebars or stem. The mount for the phone is rotatable through 360 degree so you can place the phone portrait or landscape depending on space or preference. We found the most effective mount was on the stem, as mounting on the bars caused our legs to be uncomfortably close to the case when pedalling, such is it’s size; whereas on the stem the size wasn’t noticeable.

The BikeConsole itself attaches to the mount in the most secure way we have seen of any phone mount, with a four point ‘safety-lock’ design with an additional screw that fastens into the phone case. This screw is an excellent feature as it means that even on poor roads or off-road the phone will stay in place.

The BikeConsole is perfect for keeping your phone safe – we’d wager it’s the best on the market for phone security – if you aren’t worried about the size or weight penalty.

You can buy the Tigra Bike Console from Amazon by clicking the link below.

+ Secure case and mount
+ Touchscreen/fingerprint recognition compatible
+ Charger and headphone jack accessible whilst in case
– Large case
– Screen can cause glare
– Heavy in comparison to other options

Overall we give the Tigra Sport Bike Console 7/10.

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