Review: Topeak Wedge II Small Saddle Bag

The Topeak range of saddle bags are perfect for carrying around your essentials, we tried out the Wedge II small pack.

It comes with Topeak’s QuickClick function and the base attaches to the saddle bars to make it easy to add and remove. It clicks of extremely easily but doesn’t feel loose whilst riding, but for extra piece of mind it has a velcro strap that attaches to your seatpost to make it extra secure.
The bag is made from 1000 denier Nylon making it a tough little pack that carries a surprising amount of items. It has a 0.8L capacity in which we managed to fit a multi-tool, set of tyre levers and two spare inner tubes; if you carry more than this on rides, such as a CO2 capsule, then you will need a larger size pack which Topeak also provide in this range.
The pack also comes with a yellow waterproof cover, perfect for those rainy days to protect the content of the case. Although it’s hard wearing Nylon it will suffer in heavy rain, so the cover is a nice little touch. 
The cover includes a space for the clip to go through, so you don’t need to worry about quickly removing or inserting the bag in the rain. It also has a drawstring function to further secure it from the elements. 
In case it does get wet and filthy, especially if you forget your rain cover on a ride, it is machine washable and comes out looking good as new – just don’t forget to take the contents out first!
The waterproof cover is small enough to be added to the inside of the bag, and if you don’t want to use it on the outside of the bag it would keep your contents safe and dry if you use it to store them inside. 
The front of the bag (the part that faces away from the saddle) bears the Topeak logo and has a plastic tag that is really useful for attaching a light onto. The tag is sturdy and you don’t need to worry about it breaking and your light falling off on a ride and positions the light in an ideal place just below your saddle.
As well as the light clip and the rain cover the pack also comes with a reflective strip around the latitude of the pack for extra visibility, a nice touch as the bag comes in black, although the rain cover is bright yellow. 
The zip follows the line of the reflective strip and makes the bag easy to access, the hinge-opening style of this pack also means you can access your items easily, much more easily than a front-open style of bag. 
For riders who are weight-conscious, the pack weighs in at a sturdy 135g, or 4.75oz for the imperialists out there. 
A downside of this pack is that the rain cover will obscure the reflective strip and although it has a hole for the QuickClip function, it doesn’t have space for a light to attach to the clip through the pack.
Topeak saddle packs are available from the majority of places you would expect them to be. We found it cheapest though at £13.99 from Amazon.
+ 0.8L capacity enough for essentials
+ Rain cover protects pack
+ Pack is machine washable

– No reflective strip on rain cover
– Rain cover obscures rear light clip
– Not much room for more than basic kit

Overall we give the Topeak Wedge II Small Saddle Bag 7/10

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