With the Autumn weather beginning to rear its head it might be time to upgrade your bike lights, and these VIVID XIII LED lights from Camden Gear are an ideal option.

A first foray into the cycling arena for Camden Gear, who specialise in running gear and sports compression equipment, these lights are more than good enough to compete with more established brands in cycling lighting.

Made with military-spec aluminium alloy to survive the toughest of weather conditions, the front light comes in at 200 lumens which plenty bright enough for even the darkest country lanes and strong enough to see the slightest of potholes in the road.

It has several light settings including a high/low beam which is useful for riding in the city when roads are well lit and you might not need the full beam option. As well as the high/low beam, there is an effective flash option which works in the high beam mode but not in low beam.

Another excellent feature of the front light is that the range can be narrowed or widened to suit. At it’s widest, the light covers all of the road and then some whilst at it’s narrowest it covers right in front of the bike, but covers it very well. 
The range of the light is altered by pushing/pulling the head of the light which is a little fiddly to do whilst riding. This is compounded by the mount not holding the light securely, making it feel like you could pull the light out of the mount whilst adjusting.

The light settings themselves are adjusted by a button at the rear of the light which can be lightly pressed to adjust the options – again this is fiddly when riding as pushing too hard will turn the light off.

The mount is ideal for attaching to all kinds of handlebars with no issues with tapering or positioning. The mount attaches with a simple screw with a rubber insert provided for road and mountain bike bars to ensure a snug fit on the bars. The mount itself attaches firmly to the bars and when the light is in place there is no hint of it moving around unless you are adjusting the light options.

The front light is powered by a lithium metal battery which is charged by USB in a charging port which is provided. You can also use 3 x AAA batteries to power the light although these aren’t provided. 

The rear light is rather small but what it makes up for in size it makes up for in brightness, with the silicone clip on providing great versatility by allowing it to attach to all kinds of frame. The rear light also has three settings including flashing and static.

Great range of light settings
Light not secure in mount whilst adjusting
Brightness of both front and rear lights is excellent Difficult to adjust light settings of front light whilst moving
Fixtures are universal making for easy fitting Rear light is small

The lights are very competitively priced for the market coming in at £15.99 on Amazon, which can be purchased below. They retail at £39.99 and are a bargain even at that price for such a good quality set of lights.

Overall we give the VIVID XIII LED Lights 8/10


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